Star Gazing Party

Summer is a perfect time to put together a Star Gazing party. Perfect for all ages, it can include outdoor and indoor activities. Be sure to plan a date that will coincide with less than a full moon, too much light will mask many of the stars. For invitations use blue or black card stock and a silver pen. Draw the big dipper and enter the party information. To decorate use dark blue or black plastic table covers on the walls and stick on glow in the dark stars. Make floor balloon arrangements with glow in the dark star imprint balloons. You can purchase a planetarium projector and have the stars projected on the ceiling. Use the projector later to have all the kids view the different planets. Purchase a poster size map of the constellations and make this the center of the decorated area. Try to borrow as may binoculars as possible and maybe a telescope. Print out a star map of the constellations currently visible ( and help the children find them. Because this is night adventure this party lends itself well for a Slumber Party.


I love helping people have fun & celebrate all of life's moments. Bringing BALLOONS to the party is our favorite thing to do!

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