Casino Parties for Young and Old

A Casino theme party can be for adults or children. A favorite for milestone birthdays (40-50-60), fund raising events, business and other social functions. Invitations can be written on play money or electronically create one on a money background for e-vites. Decorations are, of course, Cards, Dice, Chips and the like. We created the columns, centerpieces, arch and large hallway Balloon displays (shown) for a 40th Birthday extravaganza. The cake, made by a local bakery, is amazing, don’t skimp on this part for your affair. Gaming tables can be hired by companies specializing in this service or you can find Black Jack/Crap Felt Sets that you can put on a standard table. The sets usually come with everything you need except chips which can be found at a local party store or visit Consider renting a bingo set. This can be played by children and adults. The set includes Cage, bingo balls, cards and marking chips. Plan on having some fun Casino/Gaming themed gifts for prizes! Card Memory is a simple game that only needs two decks of cards and a table. Take out all the Hearts, Clubs and Jokers. Shuffle the rest and place face down on the table. Each person gets to choose two cards, if they match the guest keeps them and continues play until no match occurs. The person with the most cards wins. A Photo Booth is perfect for this type of setting. Use Shimmer Curtains as a backdrop and some of the Casino Props: Large Card Cutouts, Oversized Foam Dice, Cutouts of Slot Machines and Casino Signs. Give people the usual Hats, Boas, Oversized Sunglasses and Fake Money for the pictures. Make up signs like “I lost my Shirt at Joes Party”, “I hit the Jackpot!”, “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” or “I got lucky at Sue’s 40th Birthday Party”. Everyone “Wins” at this type of event!



I love helping people have fun & celebrate all of life's moments. Bringing BALLOONS to the party is our favorite thing to do!

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