Mardi Gras Theme Party

Mardi Gras is a favorite theme for more than just Fat Tuesday. It is used for Fundraising Events, School Dances, Business Get-togethers and more! Of course, the color scheme is the traditional Purple, Green and Gold. In 1892, the Rex parade theme “Symbolism of Colors” gave meaning to these colors. Purple represents Justice, Green represents Faith and Gold represents Power. The first thing to come to mind when anyone thinks about Mardi Gras are beads, beads, beads. Make sure your use beads to decorate tables and give to your guests. You can find bulk beads at Balloons are a natural for this type of affair, festive and fun they can fill large or small spaces easily. Let them float to the ceiling and lie on the floor. Use them for centerpieces, floor arrangements, Columns, and Arches. Crawfish are a staple for Louisiana buffets so this cute balloon crawfish (shown) can hang from the ceiling or bar/kitchen overhangs. Foil balloons in theme patterns or just solid colors last a long time and will be perfect for events that are more than one day. Of course, latex balloons can be treated with a product called “Hi Float” (at an additional charge) for the same multiple day effect. Decorate a buffet area with plastic table covers in Mardi Gras colors. They are inexpensive and can cover walls, tables, floors – anywhere you want the pop of color! Add some feather boas, paper masks, crepe steamers and balloons to complete the design. Bring on the Cajun food with Crawfish, Shrimp Gumbo and King Cakes. Use available Mardi Gras CD’s for upbeat music in the background. You can find these at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. As an activity purchase mask making supplies for your partygoers to get creative. You can cut mask shapes from cardboard or heavy paper and eliminate having to buy ready make shapes. Have plenty of glitter, buttons, sequins, feathers, paints and jewels available to decorate. Let them embellish their owns crowns too! You can find inexpensive paper crowns at Enjoy!

Academy Award/Oscar Party

Oscar Party

Sunday is the best day of the year for Hollywood hopefuls wanting to grab that Oscar Award. It is a great day for getting together with family and friends to root for your favorite movie of the year! A classic decoration for this party is Gold, Silver and Black balloons. Use latex balloons and foil star shapes. Have them fill the room with fun. Use as centerpieces, floor arrangements or let them float to the ceiling. And what about that awesome huge popcorn box filled with balloons to invite your guests in. We can do this for you, no problem! Fun Movie Theater food is perfect for this occasion. Consider renting a professional popcorn machine, you can’t beat the taste and it is easy to use! Serve up Hot Dogs in paper tuxedos using black napkins and some craft paper for the bow ties. Throw in a few games too! When guests enter pin an actor’s name on their back. During the party they need to ask other people questions about who they are. The first person to guess who they are correctly can win a copy of an Oscar contender DVD movie. Another game you can play is “Guess the Smile”. Before the party begins go through magazines and cut out several smiles from famous actors and paste them on a poster board. Give the guests small post-it’s to write who they think the smiles belongs to. Have them post it next to the smile. Whatever you do enjoy the show! And the winner is?


I love Valentines Day. These ideas can be just for your honey or can be used for some kid’s activities too. Start by sending or hiding in lunchboxes etc. handmade cards. Include Valentines candy and notes telling them how much you value your relationship. One year I sent my husband 30 cards – one each day before Valentine’s Day! Then plan out all the meals with a Valentines theme. Breakfast: Heart Shaped French Toast, Lunch: Tomato soup and Heart Shaped Grilled Cheese, Dinner: Heart Shaped Pizza and Cookies. Oh! what fun! A great activity for anyone is a hint search. Create hints for the recipient guiding them to a wonderful Valentines gift. Now when they come to the place with the surprise, decorate with a ceiling full of Helium Balloons or a bed filled with foil balloons with love notes attached to them. Whatever you plan remember it is all about love and share your heart!

Giant Children What?????


In a world where everything is so much bigger than our children at this “Giantland” party your Giant Birthday Child and their Giant guests get to rule! By decorating the house with miniatures, you’ll make the “giant” kids feel big and important. Invitations can be written on wide butcher paper or white gift wrap. Write the invitation copy in HUGE letters. You can roll up and tie (if hand delivered) or fold up to fit in an envelope. This decoration idea can serve as an activity as well. Build small worlds in large cardboard boxes or plastic boxes. For an “Artic World” you can use water beads found at craft stores and broken Styrofoam pieces for icebergs the miniature penguins can sit on. You can add shells, sea lions and whales to this world. Another spin off of this is to create “Sea World” adding sand and all sorts of miniature sea animals. How about a miniature “Jungle World”! Use a piece of astro turf or left-over Easter grass for the floor and add your own house plants. Use stones, pieces of wood, branches and plenty of miniature wild animals. For a miniature “Farm World” use coffee grounds as dirt and green felt or astro turf for grassy areas. Use a blue paper plate for a pond area and fill with miniature ducks/geese. Add little fences to keep your cows, goats and pigs separated. On a larger scale you can create a miniature “City World” using cardboard boxes of all sizes. Paint them and add windows. Use Black poster board for cutting out roads and add miniature cars and trucks to the scene. The miniatures can be found in the party favor section of your local party store or online. Since your kids are Giants the balloons for the party need to be small too. You can use the small foil balloons florists use in arrangements that are on a stick. You can purchase 5” latex balloons and since they will not float because they are too small attach them to a stick that can be found in party stores. Rent children’s chairs and tables for the guests. They are so darling (meant for toddlers) and will make the kids feel Giant!  Purchase small plates, cups and cutlery used for playhouses (tea parties) for serving food. And the food needs to be tiny too. Bake or purchase miniature cupcakes and serve with the small cans or soda, mini sandwiches and mini carrots and dip. A game that can be played is “Giant Leap Frog”. With masking tape, tape two straight lines about 6 feet long and 12 inches apart. Place obstacles between the lines, like stuffed animals, toys, shoes etc. (soft items in case children fall on them). Tell the them that each line is the bank of a river and what these giants have to do is leap over the river without getting wet (because if they get wet, they shrink and become leprechauns). The kids form a long line of giants ready to leapfrog over the river. If they fall in the water they have to start over at the back of the line. Supply magnifying glasses to the guests and head outside to look for bugs and such. This will really let them know they are Giants in the real world to some creatures. Have fun with your “Little Giants”!

It’s Game Time!

What better way to enjoy the camaraderie of friends and family than with a Sports Theme Party? You can have your own tailgate party without the asphalt, bugs and in controlled comfort!   Whether it is a current College Game you want to share or the Super Bowl these ideas will keep everyone grinning from ear to ear.

Write your own invitations like a play from a playbook. An example play is above. Use green construction paper to print them. I copied an image and then used Paint to enter the custom copy. If you are more techie than I am, have at it and get creative with Adobe or other publishing programs! Decorations must be based on the team colors, of course! Balloons are a perfect choice, consider centerpieces or columns, as shown, or bulk balloons in a team color mix to tie around the room. If you have Team Logo tee shirts consider placing them over the backs of chairs. Team Logo throws can be draped over couches. And what about those Team Logo stadium cushions? Throw them on the floor for a comfy spot to sit. For the purist, only kegs will do but Foam Coolers will add to the overall look of your tailgate event. Have plenty on hand and use them creatively. Although they will keep all your beverages cool, smaller ones can be used to hold chips and popcorn too, not to mention veges and cold appetizers on ice! You can find some Sport Theme inflatable coolers that would be perfect for this application!

An idea for a fun party game: at the beginning of halftime, give your guests small paper footballs to stick onto their chests with double-sided tape. Tell everyone they’re not allowed to say the word “football” while in conversation during halftime. If a guest hears someone use the word, they can take the football from the offending party. The person who collects the most footballs is the winner. Maybe this person will win an actual football to take home. Offer prizes for the person who can make up the best Cheer. To make it more challenging place pieces of paper with an assortment of random words written on them in a bowl or hat. Have the guests draw a specified amount of words and create the cheer using their drawn words. “Awesome”!

As far as the food, it is pretty much a no brainer: dips, chips, wings, pizza and the like are standard items for any sports party. You might want to add a dessert highlight ENTER – an “Ice Cream Brownie Sundae Bar”: Serve assorted flavors of ice cream over purchased bakery brownies. Drizzle with flavored ice cream sauces. Sprinkle with chopped candy bars, candy sprinkles and chopped nuts. Top with lots of whipped cream and, of course, a maraschino cherry.

Let’s hope your team pick wins and have FUN!

New Year’s Celebrations!

New Years Collage

The party of the year is usually to ring in the New Year! You don’t have to spend a lot of money and can include the kids in a simple celebration at home. First you need to turn your Christmas Tree into a New Year’s Tree by adding party horns, party hats and balloons. Blow up the balloons to be undersized so you can tuck them into the branches. If you have a new year’s banner cut that up and add that too! A great way to entertain the kids while they are waiting for Midnight is to plan activities. The activity can include adults too and the cutest way is to put them into balloons. Write a time on each balloon. Instruct everyone to pop them at that moment and perform the project. Some fun ideas for easy crafts are to make noisemakers out of paper plates and beans or Firework Rings out of Glitter Pipe Cleaners. Other things to do: Watch a Holiday Movie, Play a Board Game or create a New Years Scavenger Hunt. Make an area to take fun photos with the backdrop of large Foil Balloon Numbers for the year. Many people make new year’s resolutions on this day but a more transformative ritual is a “Burning Bowl Ceremony”. To prepare you will need a Fire Pit or large unburnable bowl (metal or glass). Place it in a safe area outside. Give everyone paper and pen and sit peacefully to think about things you want to release and/or cleanse yourself of. Children can do this too, some have fears at school, or social issues they would want to let go of. Hold a positive mindset and write down your wishes. Have a responsible person start by lighting his/her paper and toss into the bowl, everyone else can follow by throwing their paper in. The fire is a symbol of wisdom, passion and purification. May the New Year bring you much happiness!

Holiday Parties want BALLOONS!

Most people don’t associate Christmas/Holiday parties with balloons. That could not be further from the truth; with so many creations that can make the party spectacular! Many of them are air filled so they can be used for display for a couple weeks or more. The small Centerpiece trees or Gift Boxes can be easily picked up at our studio. They can be in any color combination. The Christmas Light Bulb garland can be a great DIY project using plastic cups, 12″ balloons and ribbon. If you use a cool glue gun you can glue the pieces together or use double sided tape. The large Trees, Columns and Arch can be delivered and/or installed at your office, home or venue; again the color combination is unlimited. Helium filled balloons are also available and can be picked up or delivered. We can treat them with a product called Hi-Float and they will last more than one day. Give us a call and I will be happy to discuss decorating ideas with you. Until then Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

“This is your LIFE” Party!

This is Your Life!

Although this party seems only for older adults I have seen this for 13th, 16th and 21st Birthday Parties. It can also be used for honoring achievements (lifetime or not) of people both young and old. Invitations must include a couple pictures of the honored guest along with details. The highlighted area of the party will be a table with photos and mementos through the years. Make a timeline on butcher paper for the wall behind the Memorabilia table. Include world events, personal events, popular music and movies, discoveries, and photos for different years on the line. Set up a photo backdrop area for guests to get their picture taken with the honoree. To model your party after the famous 1950s television show, you will need to set up a stage area with a special seat for your guest of honor and a large curtain to hide your mystery guests. Hide your guests behind the curtain, and, if possible, have a microphone or karaoke machine set up so that everyone can hear what they will say. Then, one at a time, ask them to relate a funny story or experience that they shared with your guest of honor and let your honoree guess who is behind the curtain! As an extra touch, you might choose to softly play music while each mystery guests speak to further enhance the mood. A guaranteed tear jerker! Prepare a video montage of photos and/or video clips of your party honoree and have it playing throughout your event — If you have guests who were unable to make it to the party, you might ask them to videotape themselves giving a greeting or sharing a story or remembrance about your guest of honor to play as a “virtual visit”. At some time during your party, pass around glasses of champagne (or sparkling cider) and propose a toast to your guest of honor. The best menu choices for a This Is Your Life Party are your guest of honor’s favorite foods. Finger foods are also a good choice for a celebration because they allow your guests to mingle while grabbing a bite here and there.

Winter Graduation Party Ideas

Winter graduations tend to be overlooked because most retailers only carry decorations and supplies during the peak season of April, May and June. These ideas can be created with everyday materials and still make your Graduate feel special! We always carry our Graduation balloons all year long so don’t hesitate to call us for this portion of your event! We will be happy to eamil you a flyer with lots of ideas.

Last week’s tip showed you how to make your own tissue pom poms. Using this method, you can customize a Memory Table or cake table to match their favorite colors or school colors. Fold Poster board in three to make a collage of the persons photographs through the years. Hang the pom poms on a ribbon or rope over the table. Add any important mementos to your display. Since this party will probably be indoors (there may even be snow on the ground) a wonderful place to decorate is a staircase. Glue pictures onto wide colored ribbon and fasten to the staircase. You can attach balloons to the railing as well. A great idea for a Card box is to decorate a suitcase as shown. You can cut out letters from poster board and paint or glitter them. Serving a delicious soup (kept warm in a crockpot) is a perfect choice for a Winter Graduation party as well as the Pirouette Cookies made to look like diplomas. You can find the Pepperidge Farm brand in most large grocery stores or check a local bakery. Make sure you have plenty of seating for your guest. You can order linens in the school colors or if your budget doesn’t allow for linens you can purchase plastic table covers. For round tables buy a round table cover in one of the school colors and then cut a banquet table cover in half for the other school color. Place on top as an overlay. Inexpensive and impressive! We carry many colors of plastic table covers, just give us a call. Dress the tables with simple 3 balloon centerpieces to make the entire room festive and fun.


Do it Yourself Tissue Pom Poms

Napkin Tissue Pom Poms

Tissue Pom Poms are a great decoration for many types of events, however, the color choice is sometimes limited. Making your own is easy and you can blend colors and/or designs. By using napkins; your selections are almost unlimited!

  1. Purchase paper napkins 2ply is easier to work with than 3ply- any color, any design – whatever will work for your party theme and color scheme. Luncheon size napkins will make a ball approximately 12″ in diameter. Beverage size napkins will make a ball approximately 5” in diameter.
  2. Open each napkin up and stack them all together. I used about 15 napkins per pom pom. I suggest at least 10-15. Remember the more sheets you use the fuller your pom pom will be.
  3. Fold them back and forth-accordion style-like you would for a fan.
  4. Use a pipe cleaner or florist wire to cinch the middle. Leave enough wire to create a small loop that you can use to thread your ribbon through to hang them.
  5. Fan each side to cut the ends to make them have a rounded or pointed finish. I chose to make them pointed for this project.
  6. Attach the ribbon you will be using for hanging.
  7. Carefully start pulling apart each layer of one half to begin fluffing that side. You will want to try and make your shape as round as possible so vary the direction you pull and fluff.
  8. Flip it over and repeat the Step 7 on the remaining folded half.
  9. Continue fluffing until you get your desired shape and look. And WHALA!  You are done!