Star Gazing Party

Summer is a perfect time to put together a Star Gazing party. Perfect for all ages, it can include outdoor and indoor activities. Be sure to plan a date that will coincide with less than a full moon, too much light will mask many of the stars. For invitations use blue or black card stock and a silver pen. Draw the big dipper and enter the party information. To decorate use dark blue or black plastic table covers on the walls and stick on glow in the dark stars. Make floor balloon arrangements with glow in the dark star imprint balloons. You can purchase a planetarium projector and have the stars projected on the ceiling. Use the projector later to have all the kids view the different planets. Purchase a poster size map of the constellations and make this the center of the decorated area. Try to borrow as may binoculars as possible and maybe a telescope. Print out a star map of the constellations currently visible ( and help the children find them. Because this is night adventure this party lends itself well for a Slumber Party.

Baby Shower Decor


Baby Showers are always looking for something different for the decor. These Baby Shower Mini Towers make a big impact on the food, cake or gift table. They can be made in any color combination. The darling baby topper is great but can be substituted with other theme foils upon request. Call for a free quote for your event!

Simplify the Menu!

Stressing yourself out or overworking yourself for your next party really isn’t necessary. In the past I have offered my guests 9 or 10 Hors d’ ouevres at a simple Cocktail Party. This is like offering 3 main courses at a Dinner Party, definitely overkill. Stick with the tried-and-true Rule of Five. Serve two heavy hors-d-oeuvres so that guests who skip dinner still feel satisfied; one medium appetizer such as dips with plenty of crackers and two lighter choices for nibblers. Make sure that you prepare plenty of each item. This menu is easily doable by one person, yet provides variety and looks impressive!

Bubbles & Balloons Children’s Party Idea

Bubbles & Balloons

A great party for summertime; indoor and outdoor activites make this an entertaining choice for children. Make your own invitations my blowing up a balloon and writing on the balloon with a permanent marker. Deflate and send to guests. Clear helium filled balloons floating on the ceiling are a perfect decoration, actually looking like real bubbles. Rent a bubble machine and keep it running in the yard, the kids will go crazy. Purchase jumbo bubble wands (or make your own) and buy (or make your own) bubble fluid, filling a small child size pool and letting the youngsters dip their wands in. Use pool noodles for a game of balloon hockey. Make balloon shaped cookies to munch on! What fun!

Summer Fun Parties!

Summer is all about staying cool and having outdoor fun. A perfect way to entertain the kids is with a Snow Cone Pool Party. You can rent a machine which comes with supplies. Create your own invitations on the computer using printed stock available at the Office Store. Decorate with balloons that look like Snow Cones using wrapping paper for the cups and assorted fun colored balloons. These can be helium filled or air filled and propped on the tables or nested in bushes.

Summer Party Balloons!

Summer Pool Parties are in full swing. Air filled Balloons are able to survive the Texas heat better than helium filled creations. We have made fun items for these events. These Balloon Floaties can also be used for table centerpieces. Foil Balloon topper can match any theme party. Have fun with summer colors! Lime Green, Yellow, Island Blue, Magenta and more, just ask for the color pallet you want!

Candy Theme Party

Whether it is Candyland or Willy Wonka – Candy is a fun theme to use for any party or event. Make centerpieces from styro balls poked with dum dums and set on top of a glass filled with gum drops or use glasses filled with m & m’s and poke in large suckers, finish off with colored tissue. This awesome Candy Arch is the highlight of the event. Use for a photo opp area, entry or focal point. Call for prices!

Bridal Shower Balloons

Bridal Shower Balloons, confetti filled Clear Latex Balloons make an impact! These used tulle in place of ribbons. What a statement! Make sure you have a professional inflate these for you or they will not look like this! You need to use hi float for the confetti to stick! We can do it for you, give us a call.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower

Mickey Mouse is an iconic character used for many a birthday. But, now he is becoming popular for baby showers. Of course, “It’s a Boy” celebrations. This column will welcome your guests to the event. Centerpieces consisted of another Mickey Head with 4 Latex set inside a painted Polka Dot jar surrounded by Black and Red confetti. So much FUN!