Spring Equinox Celebration

Spring Equinox Party

The spring equinox, or Ostara, is also called the vernal equinox and has long been celebrated as a time of renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings. The exact date and time of the spring vernal equinox changes slightly each year and marks the first astronomical day of spring in the Gregorian calendar. The word equinox is derived from Latin. It means “equal night.” On the day that the sun passes over the equator, the length of day and night are said to be approximately equal. This means that there will be approximately 12 daylight hours and 12 hours of darkness on both the spring vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox.

The spring equinox is an awesome reason to celebrate with friends and family. Try getting everyone together (aside from Easter) to enjoy the change of season. Celebrating outside is the optimum way to enjoy Spring. But, since next week the forecast is rain, you can bring the festivities inside or under a covered patio. You can plan on a day party or late afternoon into evening party. If it is clear enough it is fun to have the party flow into the evening to view the night sky and stars. You can have a constellation naming contest. If weather permits consider a bonfire. It is always fun to sit around the fire and tell stories, sing or make smores.

Since you are celebrating the beginning of the Spring Season make sure you display lots of jars or vases of flowers from your local Florist or Grocer. You can decorate walls with cutout flowers and birds. Make them yourself or buy pre-made cutouts from a party store. Balloons in beautiful spring colors can be tied to chairs or bundled and weighted down around the party area. Decorate a Spring Nature table. These tables are used for placing natural items that reflect the season. It is meant to be explored and used as a nature study. Ask your guests to bring something to add to the display. Allow them to share the story behind the items they give. The benefit of hosting this party is that you can keep the nature table intact. If you have children you can study the table and the children can add things they discover outside. Playing with nature tables provides a rich sensory experience for the developing child. See more about nature tables here https://rhythmsofplay.com/spring-nature-table/

Serve fresh food reminiscent of Springs bounty. Fresh fruit skewers made of strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and grapes. Green salad with lots of cut cucumbers, shaved asparagus. Radishes, cherry tomatoes and the like.  Deviled eggs and local fresh baked breads. Fire up the grill – even if it a little chilly outside and make up grilled chicken and vegetables. End the evening with fun delicious macarons decorated like chicks. Here is a great video on how to make them! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7j9jCuHzvw

Since the spring equinox celebrates a time new beginnings a fun activity is to have everyone make a list of new things they want to do. Share them with each other. You might find other people that would like to share the same experience with you. Or you might find someone that can help you achieve the new skill. An example is that you want to learn the piano and someone in the group knows how to play and would love to help you with that dream. Another activity, if you are so inclined (for the mess it makes!), would be for everyone to get their fingers in paint and get creative. Children and adults alike will enjoy this. Set up a table with plenty of paper or canvases, finger paints, paper towels and paper plates to use as palettes.  Make sure you cover the table with newspaper or a plastic table cover. Let your guests make paintings of all things related to spring. You can find a ton of ideas here https://rhythmsofplay.com/the-best-fingerprint-and-thumbprint-art-ideas-for-kids/  Finally send home all your party goers with a small flower, vegetable or herb plant that they can plant themselves. Make sure you print out some simple instructions in case the little pot goes home with a novice farmer.

Happy Spring!


Send your Graduate off with “Aloha”


Graduation season is upon us. A cool way to send off your graduate to college is with a Luau party to say “Aloha”! With the warmer temps take your party outdoors! Have your local Balloon Décor company decorate with some awesome creations like the Palm Tree above and the cute Flower Centerpieces. If you have a pool or the venue you are using has a pool party area hang large letters “ALOHA” along the fence banked by lots of air-filled colorful balloons flowers. You can do this to a backyard fence too! If you have a tent or rent a tent hang colorful paper lanterns around and use luau colored tablecovers. Make sure you decorate the cake or gift table in the new college colors! If you are looking for some games the classic limbo will always make for some laughter. Enjoy the celebration and send off your graduate with an event to remember!

Holiday Parties want BALLOONS!

Most people don’t associate Christmas/Holiday parties with balloons. That could not be further from the truth; with so many creations that can make the party spectacular! Many of them are air filled so they can be used for display for a couple weeks or more. The small Centerpiece trees or Gift Boxes can be easily picked up at our studio. They can be in any color combination. The Christmas Light Bulb garland can be a great DIY project using plastic cups, 12″ balloons and ribbon. If you use a cool glue gun you can glue the pieces together or use double sided tape. The large Trees, Columns and Arch can be delivered and/or installed at your office, home or venue; again the color combination is unlimited. Helium filled balloons are also available and can be picked up or delivered. We can treat them with a product called Hi-Float and they will last more than one day. Give us a call and I will be happy to discuss decorating ideas with you. Until then Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Have a Halloween BASH!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! There is such a vast amount of ideas for great Halloween parties, I hope these concepts will help you put together an amazing event! Do you want to make a realistic looking ghost? These spirits are perfect placed outside wandering around your Halloween graveyard! Shape chicken wire into a ghostly figure and spray it with glow-in-the-dark paint. It will look like a real ghost standing in your yard. This is also a great prank idea! Conjure up a terrific entrance and have your guests walk through a Halloween themed Balloon tunnel using pearl arches in Halloween colors. We can help you with this, give us a call! These are impressive for school dances too! Glow in the Dark Star latex balloons added to Halloween Colored helium filled latex balloons become remarkable arrangements that can be placed around the room or use several as a backdrop for a photo booth area. Make your buffet a gruesome and tasteful display by making a zombie meat presentation. Meat selections are placed in aluminum pans and wrapped with real clothing you can buy at the thrift store. Add our custom Balloon Vampire for a fun sculpture the kids will love! Run classic horror movies on your DVD player during the party for conversation starters and have a howling great time!

Casino Parties for Young and Old

A Casino theme party can be for adults or children. A favorite for milestone birthdays (40-50-60), fund raising events, business and other social functions. Invitations can be written on play money or electronically create one on a money background for e-vites. Decorations are, of course, Cards, Dice, Chips and the like. We created the columns, centerpieces, arch and large hallway Balloon displays (shown) for a 40th Birthday extravaganza. The cake, made by a local bakery, is amazing, don’t skimp on this part for your affair. Gaming tables can be hired by companies specializing in this service or you can find Black Jack/Crap Felt Sets that you can put on a standard table. The sets usually come with everything you need except chips which can be found at a local party store or visit casinosupply.com. Consider renting a bingo set. This can be played by children and adults. The set includes Cage, bingo balls, cards and marking chips. Plan on having some fun Casino/Gaming themed gifts for prizes! Card Memory is a simple game that only needs two decks of cards and a table. Take out all the Hearts, Clubs and Jokers. Shuffle the rest and place face down on the table. Each person gets to choose two cards, if they match the guest keeps them and continues play until no match occurs. The person with the most cards wins. A Photo Booth is perfect for this type of setting. Use Shimmer Curtains as a backdrop and some of the Casino Props: Large Card Cutouts, Oversized Foam Dice, Cutouts of Slot Machines and Casino Signs. Give people the usual Hats, Boas, Oversized Sunglasses and Fake Money for the pictures. Make up signs like “I lost my Shirt at Joes Party”, “I hit the Jackpot!”, “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner” or “I got lucky at Sue’s 40th Birthday Party”. Everyone “Wins” at this type of event!


Clouds, Stars and Rainbows!

This Celestial party theme lends itself well for dress up and balloons. Two things kids are crazy about. You can find Rainbow invitations commercially which are great for this. Include the verse: WELCOME All angels, stars, rainbows, raindrops, moons, suns, lightening bolts, unicorns, airplanes and others. DRESS HEAVENLY! You can try your own hand to create or hire us to make clouds from white balloons to hang from the ceiling. The pictured Rainbow Balloon Sculpture can be placed on the food/cake table for a beautiful backdrop. Cover the walls with light blue plastic table covers. In another area use Silver Foil Star Balloons to make a night sky. You can cover those walls with dark blue or black plastic table covers. A fun game is to search for cloud 9. Hide about 20 white clouds made from white paper or cotton, each numbered, the one who finds “Cloud 9” wins! A wonderful craft project is making sun prints. This will amaze the children. Purchase light-sensitive paper (Amazon carries Sun Art Paper) and lay out a tray full of things like leaves, forks, cutouts, buttons, doilies, lace pieces, plastic snakes and lizards, coins etc. Each child places his chosen items on the paper and leaves it in the sun for about eight to ten minutes. Then remove the objects and dip the paper under cold water to permanently set the images. Instead of cake try making the adorable Cloud Cupcakes pictured – you can find the recipe on yourcupofcake.com. Hope this inspires and you have a divine time!

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower

Mickey Mouse is an iconic character used for many a birthday. But, now he is becoming popular for baby showers. Of course, “It’s a Boy” celebrations. This column will welcome your guests to the event. Centerpieces consisted of another Mickey Head with 4 Latex set inside a painted Polka Dot jar surrounded by Black and Red confetti. So much FUN!